Someone once told me that real love is when you love someone almost as much as you love yourself, in other words, you would do anything for them but you have boundaries, and it is expressed by giving to the other – giving of oneself, giving one's time, care, patience, etc…

One common principle inherit to all spiritual practitioners that I know or have studied is service work to others. Most say that it is through our helping others that we are relieved of our own problems and/or self-centeredness… at least temporarily. And it is through service to others that we feel most connected and a part of life, something essential to our own sense of wellbeing.

During the holidays people tend to be more giving than they might think to be throughout the rest of the year. So, rather than focusing on self via all the dieting, exercising and cleansing that is typically happening in February I'm spending this month thinking about how I can be of service to others, or how I can be more loving.

I've been blessed to be involved in several charities that hold meaning for me and I have been undeniably enriched and inspired by doing so. I thought I'd share a few of these with the hopes of jumpstarting your own search, involvement and expression of love. The links that follow are some truly inspiring organizations.