Maybe this topic says something about the insanity of my own schedule for the month of May. Every now and then it feels like everything comes at once and I'm trying to pack 25 hours into a day. Almost as soon as I've scheduled myself to the hilt I'm thinking, "How can I find some me time and what does that even mean?"

I think everyone needs to know his or her own unique limits. Time alone to be still and quiet is important. It allows us to reflect, re-energize and make meaning of what we've been up to. However, different people need different amounts and types of it.

To me the idea of a spiritual retreat is somewhat intimidating. I have visions of people walking around in endless silence and boredom. I've done one mini –pseudo-retreat of my own design before I began the long, arduous process of studying for and taking my psychology board exams, but I'm not sure that it actually qualifies as one. It was more about reflexology, facials and food, although I did spend 3 days alone. (In my defense, it all involved locally grown, organic and sustainable products!) Therefore, I decided to investigate the purpose, benefits and what actually happens at one, as well as some good ones around the country.