Someone once told me that if in your whole lifetime you have five good friends, people that you can REALLY count on, you’d be lucky. I think that’s because friendships can be so difficult and complex and also require energy in the shared emotions of joy and strife.

Friendships are one of our most vital human needs. They are some of the most important relationships in our lives and they differ from family relationships because they are relationships we want/choose to have rather than are born into.

Neuroscience has taught us that we define ourselves, that is we develop a sense of self, through our relationships, friendships included. After a loss whether it is through divorce, death or the end of the friendship, we lose a part of ourselves.

Friends are our confidants, listeners and supporters. Friendships are two-way streets; both parties must put in time and effort. Genuine friendships go through ups and downs and must be nurtured and not taken for granted. With your closest friends you might not love everything about them. In fact, there may be parts of their personalities that downright annoy you, but real friendship is about overlooking those personality flaws to see their redeeming qualities, which hopefully outweigh the negative. When you can do that you get one of life’s best treasures.

This blog is to honor the value of friendships.