When someone dies—whether it’s a parent, sibling, friend or other loved one, or even a beloved pet—it’s perfectly normal to experience a period of profound sadness, loss and mourning. This is known as grief and bereavement.

No one knows the pain of grief until they've experienced a serious loss for his or herself. The pain of saying "good-bye" to a loved one is beyond comprehension until we live the experience. Grief is a normal and natural reaction to these events.

The grieving process typically involves several stages as outlined in a link below. It’s about experiencing the emotional reaction to loss, coming to accept the loss and learning to live again. While it follows certain patterns, it is unique to each individual. Some people will experience almost all the ‘symptoms’ associated with grief while others may experience only a few but at different intensities.

Letting go and grieving is a cleansing and healing process. You learn to free yourself from your own sadness while energetically releasing your former loved one so that they, too, can move on. Ultimately, grief can be a ‘good’ experience, because it means that you have loved and bonded…both of which are essential components of the human experience.