Recently, I had a friend talk to me about wanting to get in shape and live healthier. This person has a chronic health condition that they were born with so it's even more important and challenging for them to do so. I wanted to be supportive so I agreed to "bare all", so to speak, and track my weight, exercise, food intake, and nutritional habits online with this person.

In the process of doing so I found an incredible website/app/tool to help with this effort. Whether you are looking to eat better, shape up or just develop some consciousness about what you put into your body on a daily basis, this is a great website.

I'll admit I was interested in shedding a couple of pounds, but more than that, this has helped me to get really conscious about what I actually eat each day (not just what I think I eat when I'm busy not counting my mindless snacking) and the nutritional components of that food like percentage of carbs, proteins and fats. I was shocked to learn how much sugar was in my diet simply due to a couple of juices.

It's a little daunting, but if you're willing to be honest and face it head on it is an amazing eye opener. I find that I am living in far more awareness and have become motivated to really take charge of and responsibility for my nutritional and physical health.