Lately it seems like everyone is pressed for time. Between working, parenting, studying and trying to have a social life most people’s days are crammed with activities and responsibilities, which can leave little time for health or fitness. Then there are others who just loathe the idea of exercising. To them it’s like the worst punishment in the world. They moan and grumble at the thought. To them it’s an all or nothing prospect; they’re either committing to becoming an Olympic athlete or they’re going to be a couch potato.

I am one of those freaks of nature that happens to enjoy exercise and I am always interested in discovering new techniques or routines. I tend to begin my day with a run and the Tracy Anderson Method and I actually look forward to it. However, even I don’t always have the ability to fit it into my schedule so I began to wonder… with minimal time or devotion, what’s the best bang for my buck or what will I get the most mileage out of when it comes to exercise? So I began to research the most efficient use of one’s time when it comes to getting the results you want whether it be weight loss, muscle tone, or my personal favorite, the endorphin rush.