Body therapies are also sometimes referred to as bodywork and include any therapeutic technique that involves working with the human body.

I was recently introduced to yoga psychology through a colleague of mine, holistic psychiatrist, Dr. Meredith Sagan. A group she was running that integrated yoga psychology and another form of therapy called somatic experiencing intrigued me.

Yoga psychology is defined as both a positive and a normative science. It not only analyzes human personality and its growth, but also sets normative ideals and prescribes techniques through the postures, etc.…to achieve such objectives, as well. The result is the expansion of consciousness and making oneself the master of his/her mind. These are the broad objectives of yoga psychology.

In addition to yoga psychology I was also recently introduced to and experienced something called Acro Yoga. It is at once scary, exhilarating and totally fun. It is also an instant trust exercise and I highly recommend it. It’s some of the most fun I’ve had in a while; full of laughs, novelty and connection.

Lastly, a wonderful therapeutic body technique is somatic experiencing and it has been used in psychotherapy for years now especially to aid in the treatment of PTSD, however, it has many more useful applications, as well.