A lot of times we start a new year off with lofty resolutions to pay more attention to our body or weight or to take physical exercise, but by the second month it’s already waning. So the intention with this blog is to keep the momentum going and give you more reasons to stay connected and attuned to your body.

Often physical symptoms are the manifestation or expression of our thoughts and feelings. Many times, we are not even aware of these thoughts or feelings and the effect they may be having on the body.

As an example:
Ulcers are the result of too much stomach acid. Too much stomach acid is a result of a chemical imbalance in the body. The chemicals in the body are connected to neuronal firing in the brain. If you are stressed out or experience intense anxiety the brain will release adrenaline, cortisone and cortisol hormones. These chemical releases may result in the suppression of the immune system, which may result in physical symptoms of illness, such as an ulcer.

So it is important to listen to your body and consider its message, because it can be a cue to other issues in your life that need consideration. Perhaps it is telling you about some emotional experience that you need to pay attention to. The body can tell us where our life might be out of balance or order.