Considering that I am somewhat obsessed with the fact that I have come upon a very ‘middle aged’ number this year I thought this might be a worthwhile topic for the body blog. I’m not even sure where to start… with being philosophical about it or being completely vain. Let’s go with shallow.

As my OBGYN recently told me, “The last time I checked, aging wasn’t fun.” No kidding.

The body morphs, the skin changes, things aren’t where they used to be, you start feeling aches and pains that weren’t there before, and even though you’ve been living in a pretty healthy way, certain tests start to indicate the aging of internal organs and systems. It’s an undeniable fact of life; we’re all going to age.

Then there’s our society’s inability to sit still and savor anything; if you’re not the latest, greatest, youngest or freshest… you’re devalued. However, there are some examples in the spotlight who appear to be unaffected and getting it right and send the message that you’re not dead at 40 and the evolution from 15 to 50 can, in fact, be remarkable.

I’m kind of liking Christy Turlington-Burns recent quote on facial cosmetic surgery trends: "I don't know, I feel like it's getting freakier. Maybe there will be a time when you're an oddball because you're the only one left. I'd rather be the only one, the sole survivor. And in that case?" She smiles. "I'll just wear turtlenecks all year-round." Cheers to that! I’m with her on this one (for now).

It seems to me we’re better off embracing the years, relationships and experiences that have left their marks on our bodies, psyches and spirits. That’s what makes life rich and worthwhile…at any age.

I’ve tried to source some interesting articles and attitudes on this lovely fact of life. And as my mother always says, “It’s better than the alternative.”